Here is a brief overview of some of the work I've done and products that I've shipped...

Nick recently graduated with a Master's in Health Management from Yale University.  In his first year, Nick was awarded the highly competitive InnovateHealth Yale (IHY) fellowship, a program that identifies student mentors who can help peers create sustainable socially-focused businesses aimed at solving some of the world’s most pressing healthcare issues.  In his second year, Nick was elected to be the JD Thompson Chair of the annual Yale Healthcare Conference.  Nick was also selected to take part in Yale’s Venture Creation Program (VCP), an accelerator used to fund promising early stage student-run ventures.

While at Yale, Nick was Co-Founder and CEO of an online matching service that connects would-be parents with either sperm or egg donors or surrogacy services.  The service is called The StorQ, and Nick’s team brought the product from ideation through implementation.  The StorQ has been described as the "eHarmony for would-be parents", and is currently being released in its beta version nation-wide.

Nick worked with The Permanente Medical Group in Northern California implementing a video-based telehealth service and a population health management tool for the 4 million members in the region.   Through his work at Kaiser, Nick developed and implemented strategies that promote behavior change around physician’s use of technology.

In Vermont, Nick worked as Assistant Director of The Blueprint for Health, an organization that is implementing community health teams, running preventative health programs and creating payment reforms to drive efficiencies in the evolving healthcare system.  In this capacity, he had the opportunity to personally build an innovative cloud-based clinical data collection tool, develop partnerships with industry leading IT companies, and negotiate complex agreements between payers, providers and patients.  Through strong leadership and adept interpersonal skills, he led this cross-functional team to successfully implement two novel payment streams to support patient-centered care in Vermont, and grew the program to encompass more than 80% of primary care practices in the state.

Current Projects:  Nick is currently working with a professor at the Yale School of Management to investigate the factors that drive changes in pharmaceutical drug prices and determine their relationship with changes in stock prices.